Welcome to the InnHub La Punt

A dedicated campus for co-creation, innovation and transformation for human and planetary health. Designed by Sir Norman Foster, set on the river Inn in the breathtaking nature of the Swiss Engadin valley.

We enable the cocreation of solutions that promote human and planetary health.
At the InnHub, individuals and teams find equally community and retreat, inspiration and focus, tradition and modernity, technology and human touch – enabling them to unfold their highest potential as creative professionals, humans and athletes. A year-round offering positions the InnHub as a catalyst for new forms of work and innovation tourism, thereby creating year-round jobs, diversifying the local economy and creating a more sustainable and resilient future for the Engadine Valley.
We differentiate ourselves from generic congress centers and business hotels by providing a holistic offering that tends to mind, body and soul, and collaboration infrastructure that is single-mindedly designed to optimize creativity and productivity, and achieve results – individually or in teams.

A space for collaboration and creativity, the InnHub will serve as a Third Place, Seasonal Headquarter, and Catalyst. The 7'000-square-meter project will comprise work and seminar spaces, sports and health facilities, retail shops, a restaurant, hotel rooms and apartments for locals and visitors.
A team of over 30 experts is already working actively to shape the InnHub as a place with deep roots in the region, yet global relevance.

Watch this video and hear Norman Foster explain what the InnHub is all about!

The Heart of the InnHub

Co-Creation (Cocreer)
The InnHub is an applied laboratory for co-creation. Meaningful innovation requires synergistic, participative collaboration among people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. The InnHub attracts creators from different fields, from research and technology to sports and the arts, who are brought together through targeted interventions to inspire and enrich each other. The InnHub Campus offers the ideal infrastructure, atmosphere and curation to nurture serendipitous encounters and effective interdisciplinary collaboration.

Catalyst: curation of content and networks to inspire action
The InnHub acts as a convener around topics of regional and global relevance. Through events, we attract diverse audiences, foster meaningful dialogue and inspire collective action.

Third Place: focused work and networking in a natural place of power
As a Third Place, the InnHub enables purposeful, efficient work and networking in a natural retreat. Individuals who seek retreat and inspiration in the Engadine find an ideal environment in the InnHub.

Co-Creation Hub: strengthening teams, achieving results
The InnHub offers companies, organizations and groups a space away from their daily routines to collaborate, cocreate and innovate. Flexible, informal and functional workshop rooms, a maker space and media lab, and a vetted network of facilitators enable efficient sprints, project work and strategy retreats. In addition, a broad offering of sports and outdoor activities, as well as medical check-ups and diagnostics, promotes team-building and wellness.

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